Blind Staffie finds his guide in his forever friend


Jesse Martin fell in love with a beautiful Staffordshire man named Amos who was born blind while helping a local animal rescue group. Realizing that he was having a hard time finding his permanent family, she immediately welcomed him to hers.

What started as a temporary family for Amos grew into a residence that would change his life forever. Jess was initially concerned about how her 9-year-old beagle, Toby, would react to his foster siblings. Toby is Jesse’s closest friend.

They’ve had some fantastic trips together and developed a wonderful relationship, so the prospect of expanding their little family sounds a little scary. After a few days of uncertainty, Toby and Amos’ relationship began to develop. Before Jesse, Amos had never been in the house because he had lived in a rescue facility all his life.

Amos would hit walls, be afraid of TV noises, and even get tired of feeling the carpet on his paws. Simple activities like finding a water bowl can be very difficult for a blind puppy. Toby wasn’t sure about Amos at first, but Jesse sensed something amazing. If she notices Amos struggling to find his water bowl, Toby will guide Amos in the right direction.

It started out as an occasional help, and has since grown into Amos’ way of seeking his own advice. Jesse and her family know they have another important partner. As he got older, Amos was examined by an ophthalmologist. It was concluded that removing them would be the most considerate option, as his eyes undoubtedly caused him daily stress and pain. Toby took over as Amos’s “unofficial guide dog” shortly after the surgery.

When Amos and Toby first started walking together, Amos wasn’t happy. disturbed. The noise around him would scare him, and he wished he needed to lie down often and cheer himself up.

Toby will immediately lie down next to him, waiting for him to continue! Hiking through the hills has become a favorite pastime of our four-legged friends! Toby accompanies Amos over the mountains, punching and nudging with his body, and helping him get back on track if he goes off course. “They established good conversations and were aware of each other’s limitations.” Amos has honed his trekking skills, but there’s still a lot to learn in the jungle. Socializing and interacting with other dogs is part of the field.

In these situations, Toby often acts as a middleman, as Amos is unable to communicate like a normal dog, causing many dogs to be delayed. Jess and Toby work every day to improve his social skills! Toby was the most direct guide and bodyguard Amos could hope for! They must find someone to accompany them for the rest of their lives.

Toby and Amos before he had his eyes removed

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